The world of today sees increasing numbers of people fleeing their homes to seek shelter from war, terrorism and persecution. Many find their way to Germany and other European countries. Migrants may loose their homes, friends and families but rarely will they give up on their eating habits, their cultural and especially

culinary heritage.


This comes at a time when the trend of Street Food, originally coming from Asia and Africa, is on the rise in Germany. This provides a perfect opportunity to help integrate refugees into our society.

Who else could cook more authentically than the citizens themselves?

We want to combine a new trend with the need of integrating refugees into our society.


It is our aim to establish an international team of chefs who will innovatively provide their individual native cuisine. In the end, we help to integrate refugees into the European job market whilst creating a diverse and unique gastronomic experience.

High Quality

Each chef cooks a maximum of two dishes to guarantee high quality.


Refugees will be provided with an Street Food booth in which they can cook the best recipes of their home country.

Local & Transparent

We install a local supplier network to guarantee a maximum of quality and transparency